Black Guns Matter [Podcast 485]

In 1991, I had hopes of starting a firearms training business that would save lives. I knew that education and “guts” got my ancestors off the plantations, and it was the very same thing that was going to set them free once they understood their Constitutional rights.

Free men own guns, slaves do not.

But it is more than just the Second Amendment with us. We have bought into a system of dependency that lasted far past the institution of slavery. We have become professional consumers. Folks get rich off of us. We have adopted a victim mindset. It has become a Orwellian “group think.” I was castigated, demonized and then ignored.

How dare I promote the arming of black men.

How dare I help black men kill each other.

I couldn’t teach tactics. I could qualify security guards and police for armed duty until I first freed the minds of my people.

I found out that people only change their minds for two reasons.   Their minds are open or their heart has been broken.

My mind was opened to all the history behind the right to keep and bear arms. My mind was open to all the people who didn’t look like me, that welcomed me, taught me, shared with me, broke bread with me. I saw the ugliness that exist in our country. I saw the real enemy. Ignorance is viral. Nothing goes viral better than ignorance.

I’ve gone head to head to Rev Al Sharpton on his tv show. I have had my successes for our side. But…

I didn’t have a cut plan. I wandered and tried my hand at a thousand things. I created groups, clubs and businesses. I have failed at more things that I can remember. I have “friends” that remind me of that fact every now and then.

This journey has taught me sociology, anthropology, and psychology in a way class never could.

I learned my strengths. I love to create. I love to podcast. I love to encourage. I learned to test. I learned to experiment. I became a risk taker. But I have been in different stages. I have been the adventurer, the militant, the defender, the agitator, the motivator and the spectator.

I have realized that everybody can’t be saved. I have learned that everyone doesn’t listen. I have learned that it is …

…hard to be a prophet in your own land. Luke 4:24

I created the website black man with a gun .com in 1999. I should be bigger than Huffington Post if I knew what I was doing. But I didn’t.

I stopped training and began speaking but I didn’t come from the street. I grew up poor in the suburbs of Washington DC, with a strong rural Christian background. My generation created the Hip Hop culture but I checked out when it went Gangsta. I was trying to get the American Dream fighting 400 years of oppressive thinking.

And like my friend tells me, I got in my own way. I’m harder on myself than any troll could be.

Well that was then and this is now. I am a lot wiser now. I have scars to prove it. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am not going to try to be anyone I am not. I am a nurturer. I am a cheerleader for justice. I am a motivator. I am a pastor of patriots, pistoleros and paladins. I have made real friends in an artificial world called online.

I have seen the ins and outs of the gun community. I know the players. Now there are new soldiers in the fight. They are up to fighting the fight that needs to be fought in the hearts and minds of our people.

One of them earned my respect from a phone call. I have heard a lot of people talking but most aren’t saying anything. I have high hopes for our next guest. His name is Maj Toure.

He is planning on a city tour to help stop the ignorance that I said was spreading like a virus. Stupid is contagious. He said stuff that let me know he is not just another gun guy talking tough and taking selfies holding his AR.

I know the opposition he is facing. He will be ignored by just about everybody that should embrace him. The best part of it is, he expects it and is still moving.maj toure

He’s been on The Blaze, Ammoland, Lock and Load Radio with Bill Frady, and NPR and you’re going to hear him next on the Black Man With A Gun Podcast.


This week I got a chance to talk with a Maj Toure (pronounced MAAJ) that has created a movement called #blackgunsmatter.  you’ll hear why he is doing it, how he is doing it and learn the difference between Hip Hop and Rap just to name a few things in this eye-opening interview.


Michael J. Woodland gives us training tips.cropped-File-Dec-26-6-34-47-PM.jpeg



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