Black and American History: Podcast 308

The Urban Shooter Podcast

Just under an hour show features interviews with Crusader Weaponry, Barbara Baird, Nikki Turpeaux, news, candid conversations, African American and personal history related to gun control, music from KC and the Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell, shout outs to frends and family,,, kickstarter project and Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Gov of Virginia.

This week on the 308th episode of The Urban Shooter Podcast, I don’t talk about .308 caliber anything.   I already did that in an earlier episode.  What I wax philosophically about is American history and my link as a person of color to gun control.  I also give some silly points of references to things that have happened in my life for levity.

I got the chance to interview two guys from Crusader Weaponry at the 2013 SHOT show and Ron Larimer, blogger and podcaster of

The news segment mentions the former LAPD officer that was killed in California after a long manhunt and the recent arrest of a para-olympian from South Africa that I thought was noteworthy.  He recently killed his girlfriend.  I also gave some kudos to Mark Walters of Armed American Radio for his success in growing a pro-gun radio show on terrestrial traditional radio in this day in age.

‘Blade Runner’ Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murdering girlfriend


Barbara Baird of interviews Nikki Turpeaux of on the show.

I give an explanation about freedoms network and what I have learned about providing a social media site for fans and friends of the show.

I play a professionally made commercial I made for in appreciation for their help on a future project of mine called

I have a kickstarter program trying to raise money (2K) for equipment to expand the success of my podcast into a web series.

I introduced a new segment with a story from Aesop’s fables that I hope to add every week (till I run out) with a moral and thought to ponder.  I believe that gun owners, are some of the best people in the world and need encouragement, enrichment and entertainment in a time when they are constantly defending their right to live free, love and protect their families.  My show seeks to fill in a more holistic approach to our lives than just guns.  We are more than that.

In honor of those I love, Bones Hooks renders the opening of a Bobby Caldwell song and concludes with a KC and the Sunshine Band classic interrupted.





 Ban these magazines:

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Vogue, People, ABC Soap Opera

Ban these guns:

Nail Guns that fire over 300 nails.
bubble guns
Stupid looking cartoon fish bubble guns.



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  1. Of all the songs you’ve sung on past podcasts, I think this is one of the best you’ve done. Keep up the good work and keep the podcasts coming.

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