One of the things I am excited about is connecting with a seasoned black hunter and angler.  Everything I have learned about the outdoors came from an older man.  Those traditions are not being passed down as often as it used to.  He told me that he wants to be able to teach people how to handle all types of weapons and hunt all types of game SAFELY. And he would like to help teach young people how to respect one another and be a part of a nation wide competitive youth shooting and hunting team.

In the New Year,  a retired DC Metropolitan police officer William (Bill) Woods will be my go to guy for this site to share that knowledge, experience and stories with you.   Bill started hunting and fishing as a young boy with his father on a small farm in the foothills of East Tennessee. He told me that his favorite hunts were in Quebec Canada for Caribou, New Brunswick Canada and East Tennessee for Black Bear, South Africa for numerous Plains Game, New Mexico for Elk , Texas for wild hog, and of course the Eastern seaboard for White tail Deer.  You like him already don’t you?

I have had success in hunting both small game and big game both know the US and international.

I usually use both rifle and shotgun in small caliber( 22 long rifle and 410 shotgun) for small game.

I prefer Remington,Weatherby, and Savage in 338 WM, 22.250, 300 WMS, 6.5 Grendel, and Ruger 10/22 in 22 long rifle.

My favorite pistols are S&W and Ruger revolvers. Springfield, Glock, Remington, and Walther semi autos.

I hope to get with him soon to share his best and worst.  He said,

My most exciting trip was South Africa and my worst experience was the Texas hog hunt because I was hunting with inexperienced hunters who’s safety habits with handling weapons was uncomfortable.

We fished in the Chesapeake Bay together this summer and I found out my brother Bill, is also into car restorations and riding motorcycles.  We both do the Harley Davidson thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my friend, Bill Woods.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Woods”

    1. I am pleased to be a part of a positive movement. My passion for the outdoors isn’t just to kill stuff but to study the habits of Gods amazing creatures both in the woods and on the water. If we can just tap in to a little of that then we are on our way.

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