Background of New York Sullivan Law [Podcast episode 515]

Gun control in America is and always been about controlling a group of people.  We are a nation of indigenous people, immigrants, refugees, and emancipated slaves.  Who is persecuted changes every generation.  This week, I want to share with you what was behind the Sullivan Law.  Interview with Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman and Women’s Gun Show.  Michael J. Woodland of M-W Tactical talks about selecting a range for membership. Show sponsored by and members of

Still after almost ten years of podcasting, I learn new things.  The same goes for the origins of things we take for granted.  There is a plethora of gun laws that began from corruption, racist roots or had absolutely nothing to do with saving the lives of anyone.  Politicians pick and choose topics which people don’t research, question or challenge to promulgate.

Last weeks podcast introduced me to the plight of Irish Americans in this country and a few generations later, I learned that their descendents were “running things” in the same cities that they were once persecuted.  It wasn’t always honorable.  There were crooked men and organized crime involved.  Is this country great or what?


Also in the episode I got a chance to talk to Carrie Lightfoot who is doing great things in the community.  I am blessed to have the Women’s Gun Show as part of the Gun Podcast Network too.




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