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A Dream Deferred… Show # 16

What Happens To A Dream Deferred?(Langston Hughes) Does it dry uplike a raisin in the sun?Or fester like a sore—Andthen run?Does it stink like rotten meat?Or crust and sugar over—likea syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sagslike a heavy load.Ordoes it explode? The story of Dr. Ossian Sweet is...
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What’s in your range bag? – Show #15

This week’s show is short. I didn’t harangue anyone to join me, took my time thinking over a few things and decided to talk about hearing protection. Something as simple as those little yellow foam things needed explanation. There is a right and wrong way to wear them....
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Show #14 "United We Stand"

This weeks show features dialogue with three people (not from the picture) that you may have never heard about before or never paid attention to but are very special. I have been blessed to have met them all. I consider myself richer for the people like you that...
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Show # 13

Nothing fancy, just trying to roll with what I have. The Princess aka “Zombie Hime” is on extended leave for awhile and she is missed. Percy provides some interesting info about a little known collectible, known as the Broomhandle Mauser. There is a clip from my first interview...
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XM. The Power- Casey Lartique Show

I just came off the air on the Casey Lartigue Show on XM Radio. The conversation was great. All the callers showed their concern and were open about their fears, beliefs and positions of gun ownership. Not all were in agreement, but at least we were free enough...
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With Deepest Sympathy… Show #12

Out of respect to the families of the tragedy in Virginia Tech and just out of my own sadness, I couldn’t do a regular show this week. It wasn’t in me. I give a shout out a few of the brothers that I have been communicating with via...
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The P’s Of The Podcast

The theme of this show is the letter “P”. I read an article written Sunday, March 8, 2007 from the Washington Post about the my friend Shelly in Parker vs. The District of Columbia. I make some prognostications about the Purpose of gun ownership; I proselytize for some...
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Why Are Black Folks Afraid of Guns? Show #10

Kenn reads a Washington Post article and responds to a question from one his listeners “why are Black folks so afraid of guns? He ask other US and you get their responses. Yes it borders on stereotyping, but here are some answers you won’t hear anywhere else but...
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