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Kenn and Mas

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Black Man With A Gun Show episode 370


This week  I introduce to some and present to others the past, present and future of the gun community.

There is more to us than fighting against the stupidity that is called gun control. We are now bloggers, podcasters, trainers, and YouTube producers, and hybrids of them all. There are so many of us now that we outnumber the outdoor writers and journalist that now have to compete with a “30 something” new media mogul that has more “eyeballs” than they do after 30 years of climbing the corporate ladder. It isn’t fair, I know.

Today, I am the middle-aged black guy that sees and appreciates both sides. I am the guy that has been in this space as a professional firearms instructor since 1986 and has lived long enough to see the end of “skinny ties” and now their return. And of course everything gun related in between.


Firearms Training

As I watch our community grow and some of the older Jedi’s fade from view, I noticed that firearms has changed a little today and let you know that defensive firearms training didn’t just start last week either. Before everything was tactical, or made for “operators,” or all the hot shots wore beards; there were instructors, almost all of them were former US Marines and law enforcement. And these guys paved the way.

To introduce some of these old Jedi’s I have Massad Ayoob as my guest this week. And we talk about the history of private defensive shooting training, and the people that influenced him. Also I ask for his thoughts on active shooting, and home invasion training today. He gives some advice on responding to an “active shooter,” if you are armed during a “situation” in public.

Here are some of the greats from our past.

1. Ray Chapman
2. Jeff Cooper
3. Chuck Taylor
4. Bill Jordan
5. Clint Smith
6. Jim Cirillo
7. John S. Farnham


I have made some lists, but there are so many of us that I have missed some of you. If you are on it, I hope it helps others find you by my collection. Below are a few You Tubers, thanks to Destinee, of Fate of Destinee .  Some gun blogs I am aware of and the top ranking gun blogs on the net according to Some weren’t even on my list till I did the research.






Fate of Destinee 



  1. Gun Nuts Radio
  2. Michael Bane’s Down Range Radio
  3. Handgun Podcast
  4. Handgun World Show
  5. Gun Nation
  6. Gun Talk
  7. Reloadingradio
  8. Polite Society Podcast
  9. Firearmsradio.Tv
  10. Truthaboutguns.Com
  11. Thegunrunnerpodcast
  12. Carrie Zilkas Podcast
  13. Gunrightsradio.Com
  14. Lock N Load Radio with Bill Frady PodcastPodcast
  15. Armedcitizenpodcast
  16. Firearmscafe
  17. Gundudes
  18. Gunfightercast
  19. Proarms
  20. Personal Armament
  21. Three Sports Guns
  22. The Action Shooting Podcast
  23. Kate Kreuger Talking Guns
  24. The Gun Show Radio
  25. NYC Guns Radio
  26. Gun For Hire Radio
  27. Student Of The Gun
  28. Ak47 Guru Podcast
  29. I Hate Guns Podcast
  30. Triangle Tactical
  31. The Gun Runner Podcast


The Top Rated Gun Blogs On The Web. (According to rankings)

  3. View From The Porch
  4. CAS City
  6. SayUncle
  7. The Down Range TV Blog
  8. John Lotts Website
  9. Gun Nuts Media
  10. GunsHolstersAndGear
  11. NRA Blog
  12. The Smallest Minority
  13. AlpheccaBlogs
  14. NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog
  15. Hell in a Handbasket
  16. The Michael Bane Blog
  17. The Blind Squirrel
  18. walls of the city
  19. GunPundit
  20. Advanced Armament Corp.
  21. InJennifersHead
  22. Traction Control
  23. The Next Chapter
  24. Be A Survivor
  25. Mr. Completely



I love the people in this community.

As I get my mind rapped around packing for my next trip to go to the NRA Annual Meeting, it’s like a family reunion to me. I am going to meet everyone of the bloggers, podcasters and YouTube folks on my list. I know some folks go to see and handle the latest firearms and talk to manufactures but its homecoming for me. I am going to be the pastor of patriots. I am going to encourage the ones that sacrificed time and money to meet up with folks just like me.

It’s so American, it will give you goosebumps.

 Had a good article written about me from Raquel O of Human Events Raquel is hard working sister that is doing great things.  


In Memory of Patricia Tartaro and Barry Elliott who passed away this week. 




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Gun Blogs

Dorie Miller Club

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Gun bloggers, Websites and the Gun Community

When I first set my up my website back in 1999, I didn’t know much about “html” or “flash” so I asked a friend that was a wiz at technology back then and responsible for some high tech surveillance stuff used by the US government.  He recommended a friend that had just started a web design business.  It was the rave back then.  This was the days when we still used BBS or bulletin boards, modem speeds were limited to how much money you had to get a spare phone line or sacrifice with your family for talking time.  We bragged about faster modems, and most folks had AOL and Compuserve accounts.  The elite had Prodigy or Earthlink.  It was the best of times.  Do remember Baud modems?


Things like search engine optimization (SEO), page rankings and even Google didn’t really exist in our consciousness like it does now.  As  a gun rights guy, I was light years ahead of even the National Rifle Association whom I did volunteer work for when they needed me to testify for the right to keep and bear arms somewhere or concealed carry reform.  I have since learned that being first is akin to being a mountain man, its after the cities are built that success is recorded.


Since then I have been caught up to and passed by more savvy writers, and influencers in this space.  I am not the first “black man with a gun,” but I am the first with a web presence.

When I first got started in the gun rights movement, I quickly learned I was not alone.

The first black NRA member on the board of Directors I met was Roy Innis from New York City.  When I tried to get a grant from the NRA, I used a template from a guy by the name of Aquil Qadir of the Dorie Miller Rod and Pistol Club *.  (I didn’t get the grant.)  This group gave me impetus to start the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club in 1992 that still exist in a better fashion in Baltimore.  The founders are the ones featured in the picture with Wayne LaPierre.

That is about all I can claim online.  I didn’t didn’t see where this was all going by the time weblogs became blogs.  I am not mad about it though.  I am still a part of the community.  I have made great contributions for the rights of the free.  I lost my (.COM) URL for awhile and had to get a (.net) account.  I toyed with the name “Urban Shooter” and rolled with it for sometime before losing it to a Czech porn king that uses it to link to a bunch of site unfit for family.  Life is about learning.  I did get my (.com) back, and then lost the (.net) consequently to the same Czech folks I think.


Today, I am just one of hundreds of bloggers in the gun community.  I am not even a leader in the rankings, or readers since my focus like my business as a firearms trainer died because I didn’t know then what I know now.


I persevere though because I am unique in the universe.  Not as a person of color, but as an American.  I am still striving.  I still serve a purpose and have encouraged hundreds if not thousands of others to do better.  I have learned patience, perseverance, and dedication.  I can truly say that after all my mistakes, I still like me.


Here is a short list of 100 + good folks sharing news, reviews and how-to’s within the gun community.  Some are well connected to the industry.  Some are regional stars.  Many of them meet during special get togethers like the NRA annual meeting and SHOT Show, and some are just notorious.   There are a couple that are well known in a search result but purposely omitted here because they do not play well with others. I am blessed to call most of these men and women friends.


18 Wheels and a 1911

A Girl and Her Gun

Accept The Challenge

All Nine Yars


An NC Gun Blog

Another Day…..Another…..

Armed and Pregnant

Armed and Safe

Armed Candy

Arms are the Mark of a Free Man

Average Joe’s Handgun Reviews

Backwoods Engineer

Bangers and Mash

Belt Fed Hell

Black Man with a Gun

Bob Owens

Burgers and Boomsticks

Cemetery’s Gun Blog

Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner

Clayton Cramer’s Blog

Cocked and Loaded

Daddy Bear’s Den

Day at the Range

Days of our Trailers

Double Tapper

Dustin’s Gun Blog


Evyl Robot Soapbox

Excels at Nothing

Female and Armed

Fill Yer Hands

Forgotten Weapons

Frank W. James, Gunwriter

From the Barrel of a Gun

Good Hill Press

Great Satan, Inc.

Gun Nuts Media


Gunner’s Journal

Guns, Cars, and Tech

Guy With Guns

Handgun Podcast

Hell in a Handbasket

Home on the Range

In Jennifer’s Head

JulieG’s Blog

Knitebane Manor

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Les Jones

M. J. Mollenhour’s Blog

MacBourne’s Musings

MacBourne’s Musings

Maddened Fowl


Michigan Firearms Examiner

Misfires and Light Strikes

Modern Service Weapons

Mr. Completely

My Gun Culture

My Life = Chaos Management

My Tumultuous Adventure

National Gun Rights Examiner

Nerdgun – A Gunsmith Student Blog

New Jovian Thunderbolt

Newbie Shooter

Newbie Shooter

Newbius Papers

Nobody Asked Me

Not Clauswitz

No Lawyers – Only Guns And Money

NRA Blog


Oleg Volk

Packing Pretty


Peace, Love, and Ammunition

Personal Armament

Plumbum et Circenses

Politics, Guns and Beer


Revolver Liberation Alliance

Say Uncle

Serious Gun Blog


Shall Not Be Questioned

Sharp as a Marble

Sipsey Street Irregulars

Slow Facts

Smallest Minority

Snarky Bytes

Steve Fjestad’s Lethal Blogging

The Armed Lutheran

The Arms Room

The Breda Fallacy

The Cancer Ward

The Captain’s Journal

The Cartridge Box

The Countertop Chronicles

The Drawn Cutlass

The Firearm Blog

The Gun Counter

The Lair

The Michael Bane Blog

The Packetman

The View from North Central Idaho

Traction Control

Triangle Tactical

Ultimate Reloader Blog

View from the Porch

Vuurwapen Blog

Walls of the City

War on Guns

Weapon Blog

Weer’d World

When the Balloon Goes Up!

WNC Concealed Carry

Dorie Miller*Dorie Miller was the valiant hero. boxer and Navy cook, that while the enemy was bombing us at Pearl Harbor he  manned the guns during the attack and was rewarded for his bravery under fire.











Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Episode 369 – Did You Hear?

Kenn Shooting the DDM4V9

April 10, 2014 | Posted in black man with a gun podcast | By

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast, I’ll be sharing my gun review of the Daniel Defense M4V9.

ddm4v9 kenn blanchard

Saying goodbye to Second Amendment patriot and friend, Otis McDonald who passed away April 4, 2014.

Sharing a little about hearing protection importance with an interview with Dr. Ana Anzola from McLean, VA.


Good News’

The pistol-toting ‘Angel of Mercy’ that saved a driver from an angry Detroit mob

As Holy Week approaches, check out my other podcast, the Un-Named Church.

Getting ready for the NRA Annual Meeting.  What it really is – is fellowship time.  Time to meet and greet all the pro-rights people we only communicate with on social media and online.

Don’t forget to consider being a Patron of the show.

Site changes because of your feedback.  Thank you.  I got the chance to work on it while sitting in the doctors office waiting for the Mrs.



BMWAG book on wood

Book Signing in Waldorf, MD

Fred’s Sports, 2895 Crain Hwy., Waldorf, Md. 20601


4-12-2014  1300-1500





Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Hearing Protection

Dr. Ana M. Anzola of Ascent Audiology

April 8, 2014 | Posted in black man with a gun podcast, Video | By

I was told that when you turn 50 years old you should get your colon checked.  I just found out that you should also get your hearing checked.  Given the choice of procedures, I went for the ears.  Plus, I don’t know what they are checking for in my colon.  It is still there.

I was at the range the other day and saw a dude pull some cigarette butts out of his ears he was using for earpro (Hearing protection).  Really guy?

When you go to the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis this year, just for fun check out all the guys over 50 years old that are wearing hearing aids. I am not judging. I am just saying that believe it or not, back in the day, these guys didn’t appreciate wearing hearing protection.

I think you might want to take some advice and protect yours now. How? It is easy. Let me explain. Your head is a big audio receiver. It takes in sound from vibrations and holes in the skull, through the ears and mouth. To reduce this exposure because you are in the shooting sports you should wear the best protection you can find.

Firearms, especially inside of indoor facilities generate as much noise a jet engine at 140db or more. A decibel (DB) is:

The decibel is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio between two values of a physical quantity, often power or intensity.

Exposing yourself to high decibel environments can result in permanent damage to your hearing. In the event you find yourself in one of these environments, protect yourself with the proper hearing protection.

I always recommend wearing both the soft disposables and the over the ear muffs. You may have some loss because of the ear protection, breaking the seal around your skin and the muffs so you want the soft ones too. Avoid chewing gum while shooting because the movement of your jaw can open cavities in your head that will bring in more noise.

The human body is amazing. Even with all these safeguards, it will adapt and by the end of the day (if you were shooting all day) you will still be able to hear with the muffs in place.

I have an interview with Dr. Ana Anzola, (doctor of audiology) and a really a nice person.  I learned a lot from the Doc.


She told me that hearing loss can affect almost every aspect of your life.  She said that hearing loss happens gradually and can affect your quality of life.  We talked about men vs women and I realized that men set ourselves up for hearing loss just by being men.  Think of all the things we do.  Movies with explosions, rock concerts, ranges, hunting, demolition, NASCAR, motor racing, fixing cars, motorcycling, lawn work, and the list goes on.  Did you know that untreated hearing loss has been linked to dementia?

Dr. Anzola of Ascent Audiology and Hearing, is one of the Washingtonian magazines’ top doctors in audiology for 2012.  I did say she was easy on the eyes too didn’t I?  And she is a professional married mom, smart, and the owner of Ascent Audiology in Mclean.  She is offering you a 10% discount if you mention you learned about her from or the Podcast.

She is located at 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road, #185, McLean, VA  22101 and her phone is 703-639-4756.




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Otis McDonald – September 17, 1933 – April 4, 2014

Otis McDonald and Rev Kenn Blanchard

April 5, 2014 | Posted in Community, News | By

I found out on Facebook that our friend Otis McDonald had passed away. My wife said that is one of the reasons she despises social media but I didn’t see it that way. Its faster in some ways, just not personal. (thank you Sarah, Valinda and Fred) It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. I also know that Otis has been suffering on and off physically for some time.

Otis McDonald was the lead plaintiff among a handful of great people from Illinois whose case went to the US Supreme court in June 2008 passed away on April 4, 2014. The case – McDonald v. City of Chicago ruled that its handgun ban violated the Second Amendment, and that the right to keep and bear arms was incorporated to the states via the 14th Amendment. Mr. McDonald was an important person and became the front man for us as the Second Amendment Foundation backed him through the two year fight for our rights.

He was a kind, and gentle Christian man, that told me he was amazed at the reception he was getting from “white folks around the country.” We joked about how he was a recognized name in the gun community but nobody knew who he was at the store down the street. I totally understand that one. His case was one of the few, I had nothing to do with but so honored to have met he and his family years ago. Thanks to the Illinois State and Rifle Association, I got the opportunity to speak a bunch of times in Chicago on the local level and met more great people.

His nephew, the reverend Dr. Fred Jones is handling inquiries and I believe may be presiding at the “going home services.”

He was born in Fort Necessity, La., and moved north to Chicago after serving in the U.S. Army like many Americans of color did during the Great Migration I spoke about in episode 153 of the Urban Shooter Podcast.

He worked in several jobs before finding is career at the University of Chicago, where he worked as a journeyman engineer. He also worked his way through college, earning a degree in engineering from Kennedy-King College in Chicago. He later served as president of his local trade union.

Mr. McDonald is survived by his wife, Laura and their children, Chandra and Sheila, both of Chicago, and two other daughters, Jessie Marie, and Dorsey, and several grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a son, Kelvin.

Please send a card, a donation and or a note directly to Mrs. McDonald. She would appreciate hearing from all of us who love and support her husband.

Mrs. Laura McDonald
10752 So. Church St.
Chicago, IL 60643

Otis McDonald——————————————-

Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.