Rick Ector

Interview with Rick Ector

Episode 405 features and interview with Rick Ector. He has been my friend and colleague for almost a decade. Kenn shares congratulatory news about a famous trainer, shout outs to On Target Indoor Range in Maryland. He talks to Mrs. M and a new book. And this thoughts about a Ruger 10/22, the GP 100, TNW ASR, and S&W model 66. All of this is with a dash of Christmas and Hanakkuh. Bones Hooks sings a song that might make you scratch your head. He loves doing this show and appreciates you for listening. Seasons Greetings.

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Black Support For Guns Grow

In this episode of the podcast, Kenn explains why he uses John Wayne’s Pledge of Allegiance in the opening. He talks about the PEW Study and highlights John Farnam’s Ammoland.com article about the CIA along with a piece from Hollywood that accents it best. Shout outs to new friends. Kenn speaks to the Law Enforcement Alliance of America about the perception and reality of the police today. Happy Holidays and more…


How Sexy Can A Holster Be?

On the 404th gun podcast of Kenn Blanchard he talks about holsters, training, seasonal affective disorder, and what he is thankful for most, you. Definition of Hanukkah, and more…