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Can I be brutally honest about myself, frustrations? What happens when your best isn’t good enough? You go on.

A year ago I officially launched a Christian ministry called Anew Christian Church. It was my hopes of starting a church with a small number of believers that felt the same way as I did about the arrogance, pompousness and hype of too many churches and the necessity to return to simplicity, biblical truth and fundamental evangelism. After three months our group grew to thirty and thought we were on our way to achieving our goal. Fortunately I had an epiphany to test the Spirit of the church to see if the members were following God or me. I reminded them that “that’s how cults are started”. I didn’t want to do the very same thing I was repulsed by to satisfy my own ego. As successful as our worship was, the Lord let me know, I had another path to take.

I was directed almost immediately to a small church of senior Baptist in Washington, DC, without a pastor. Of the thirty members of Anew, only five joined me in the new church. I had hoped to make the church grow, combine the two groups so that I could minister to both, and provide bible study. The cultures clashed as the old didn’t mix with the new. I was reminded weekly directly and sometimes heard about my inadequacies, and lack of pedigree regarding my qualifications as a pastoral candidate.

I learned however that if I served they would support my ordination in the Baptist tradition. And though not needed by God, it would provide me with the benefits of legal status in the global religious world. It was a small carrot but I have stayed on course. I was directed to a sage in ministry, which has catechized many ministers in the Wash. Metro area. Catechism is the Baptist equivalent of hazing where you must memorize a little than 200 questions and Scriptures to be tested orally in front of a congregation by a panel of ordained pastors.

At the time of this writing, I don’t feel very optimistic about Anew Christian Church going anywhere, other than virtually, and I haven’t a clue as to if I will actually become pastor of the DC congregation when the votes are cast.

Because this is a spiritual element of my life, I need to remember:

God is not finished with me yet.
There is more going on than I can see
Expect opposition, ambiguity, and disappointment from people supposedly
saved, sanctified and in the church.
To Trust in God.

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