During my United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) matches this summer, I’ve been running a GoPro camera to record some first-person video. After my last match, I decided to pull a clip of a reload and slow it down to show the component parts that make up a good speed reload. I thought it might be worth sharing here.

Now, before everyone jumps on me, some disclaimers:

  1. Yes, I know USPSA and other shooting games aren’t “tactical.” They are, however, excellent practice in gun handling and marksmanship…two thirds of Jeff Cooper’s Combat Triad. Competition will make you a better shooter and gun handler.
  2. Yes, I know that you are very unlikely to need to reload in a civilian defensive gunfight. I also know that if you do need to reload in that situation, you will need to reload very quickly. You can decide for yourself how much practice you want to dedicate to this skill.
  3. Yes, I know there are plenty of people better than me at this stuff. I am reminded of this every time I compete. Still, this is a decent example of a basic speed reload. Hopefully you find it helpful.


Equipment breakdown:

Ruger SR1911 pistol in .45 ACP

Wilson Combat 47D and ETM magazines

Blade Tech Classic holster

CR Speed Versa Mag pouches

CR Speed Super Hi Torque gun belt

GoPro Hero 5 Black

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