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Maryland Gun Laws

NOTE: The information listed below regarding Maryland gun laws is meant as a reference point only. Maryland firearm laws frequently change so be sure to consult your local law enforcment agency before making any final firearms related decisions.  I hope to update this as things become available.  If you have links and information that can help make this a good reference please send them to me to post.

Maryland Concealed Carry Laws

Issuing Authority: Maryland State Police
Statute: M.C.A. §4-101 through 4-407
Issue: May Issue
Cost: $70
Permit Term: 2 Years

Additional Maryland Gun Law Info

To qualify for a concealed carry permit, an applicant’s need must fall under a specific category, such as: ”making deposits, receiving money or cash flow, professional activities like doctors or pharmacies, correctional officers, former police officer, private detective, and personal protection.” There must be documented, supported evidence in order to use the ”personal protection” qualification.

Official Contact

Maryland State Police

1201 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD, 21208
tel: (410) 486-3101

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