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  1. Hi Kenn…bought and read your book BMWG (Loved it)…I am a gun owner (BMWG) residing in Atlanta GA. I believe everyone should learn to use and operate a fire arm correctly and responsibly. In doing so practice makes perfect. The issue is I have been to a couple of gun ranges (all of them are white owned and operated) and they are flooded with a lot of political rhetoric and anti President Obama bigoted speech. I am a frankly tired and fed up of this. When I go to the range shoot I don’t need to hear that kind of nonsense. I believe this is one of the things that drive a lot of black gun owners away from engaging in the current gun culture. Its being overrun by these types of individuals. Funny, I thought the NRA was suppose to be engaging more of the so called “minorities” (Well if they are its not being advertised and as a member I don’t see it). Anyway do you know of any gun club or ranges that would cater to people who just want to shoot without being flooded with the political and bigoted rhetoric. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. Kenn,

    Please do not stop. I enjoy your podcast more than any other one I listen to. Your views and opinions on history, present times and the future are very insightful and I can’t say I have disagreed with anything you have said. I even enjoy listening to you sing! You have a very unique perspective that I was looking for when I came across your podcast. Your spirituality shines in your honest and simple approach to freedom and gun rights. You have truly inspired me to be a better person because of your words and if you do move on with other projects I will follow them as well. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. I can’t offer any advice for how you can improve because I thoroughly enjoy your show just how it is. I truly feel like I can call you my brother from another mother.

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