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The listeners to the Black Man With A Gun alerted me of a YOUTUBE personality was using my trademarked name as his own as a title.  The name is edgy.  It attracts attention.  And that is why I took it as a nod of recognition to Robert F. Williams, the former North Carolina NAACP leader that advocated for the right to keep and bear arms in a time when “he ought to know better.”  Williams was maligned and branded a “Commie” during a rough time in American history.

“Colored people get lynched for that sort of thing.”

His book “Negroes With Guns” was revolutionary.  I caught the “side eye” a generation later but with passive nonaggression.  Almost nobody that looked like me would talk to me about it.

Inspired by another YouTuber known as Mr. Colion Noir, that used to create videos about his experiences, clashes with cultural norms and love of AMC’s The Walking DeadAaargoJay as he is known by now created his brand of  videos.  I realized early that these professional educated men where doing their own thing and didn’t know anything about me.  Ego aside, I don’t blame them.

One is a lawyer now, and AaargoJay a teacher.  Luckily for me they respect their elder.  All I could do was consult, motivate and share when they wanted it my experiences and opinions about the environment they were walking into.  They had the technology down.  They understood SEO, algorithms, how to go viral, and how to push their messages.  They didn’t know the Status Quo.  They didn’t know the Modus operandi of the organizations that will welcome them, nor the celebrities that will line up to persecute them.  That was then, and this is now.   They are now the seasoned warriors of the internet with followers and fans.

I am just blessed to know them.  If imitation is the greatest form of flattery then I know Colion who now has a popular show with NRA News feels pretty good.   AaargoJay is still creating content and I am proud of him for that and what he is doing.  With permission I am showcasing his work here.


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