7 – Important Tips for Survival While Hunting Every Hunter Should Know

Each time you get to step out and decide to go hunting, you are always looking to return home safe and with a game on your back, as a sign of a good hunting session. Well, that is not always the case as sometimes people end up with injuries, or get lost and they have to get back to where they started. It is crucial that you understand some of the survival tips while hunting. You have to know some of the best ways to respond to some situations whenever they happen.

Let us get to check out some of the survival tips you could use today.

1. Check the gear before leaving the house

You always have to be prepared for the trip ahead if you want to accomplish your objectives. This means that you get to pack the right gear and supplies that would last you for the entire time you will be out hunting.

You have to check the bag to see if all the necessary gear is packed. Some of the important supplies include water, food, clothes, a first aid kit and much more. Just ensure that the first aid kit comes with the necessary medicine that is still viable for use. You do not also want to forget the flashlight batteries when going to hunt overnight, as you never know when you might need them.

2. Alternative food options

As much as you might have thought to have packed enough food, sometimes you can end up having the food supplies running out. If this happens, you have to rely on the environment to get food that will keep you going until you get back home. You have to be careful with what you decide to use as food. The environment can have many different foods safe for consumption, but you have to be sure about them.

You could start with berries, edible flora, and fruits as a way of keeping yourself full. You can also resolve to hunt rabbits, fish, and amphibians. Whenever you are not sure about the animal or fruit, you do not have to eat it.

3. Keep yourself warm

Whenever outdoors, one of your biggest enemy would be the weather elements. Cold is often a notorious killer among many people. The temperatures would often drop significantly low during the night. You need to make sure that you keep yourself warm during this time if you are going to survive the whole night.

Before you can set out to go hunting, get yourself matches or a lighter so that starting a fire is not hard. You can keep the fire going so that it helps with maintaining the body warmth and still provide enough light for yourself.

Still as part of keeping yourself warm, you need to have more layers of cloth with you while on the trip. If the cold gets extreme, you need to consider also wearing gloves and insulated boots for hunting.

4. Service your hunting rifle

Having a rifle that works is crucial for the hunting period. You need to make sure that it is working before you can start the hunting. You can have the riflescope inspected and changed whenever necessary. Having the riflescope for the rifle is important for accuracy. The same thing goes for the trigger too. You can always find new AR 15 triggers so that you are confident about the working of your rifle before you can start hunting. A working rifle is important to use it for protection whenever danger arises while hunting in the wild.

5. Know how to read the map

The worst can be when you have no idea how to read your map and you have to get back from where you started. It is important that you get to a class on reading maps and using the compass so that you can navigate to your starting point easily whenever you get lost. Also with the knowledge of the area, you are likely to choose a safer route as compared to the others.

For places with mountains, it is better to choose routes with gentle slopes so that walking is also easier for you. Do it right and you should easily get to hunt and get back home safely without any incidents.

6. Notify people about your hunting activities

You do not just want to leave home without telling anybody where you are going. Let your friends and family know that you are out hunting and they expect you to return on a certain date. This is important so that whenever anything happens and you are late on your return date, they know where to start looking for you.

In some cases, the park rangers have managed to rescue lost hunters thanks to the information offered by the friends and family members. Just like that you could now be saved as compared to someone who never leaves information about his whereabouts.

7. Keep yourself hydrated

If you are going to survive when lost in the wild, then you have to consider keeping yourself replenished with enough food and water. Hydration is important to keep you moving even when the food is over. It is always important that you do not get to panic when you are lost, but rather conserve as much energy as possible.

It is the reason you would be advised to always have a hydration system with you when hunting. The system can be used to filter more water from the forest so that you get to drink clean water and stay alive.


You have to always take precautions when it comes hunting so that your survival is not compromised. Do not take dangerous routes when you clearly know that is the case. Take the time to understand the hunting grounds so that you get to hunt in the right and safe areas. To make survival even better, you have to be fit for the hunting process. Even if it means working out, make sure to do so to keep yourself safe.

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