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Kenn Blanchard’s popular podcast featuring a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s, “All Along The Watchtower” is not your normal gun show.  This episode features music from veteran Sarah Greene, Living the Dream , and patriotic rock band, Madison Rising.  In the Gun News segment, Kenn highlights a story by his new friend, Emily Miller of The Washington Times and an update from MarylandShallIssue.org  on the Woolard case.  The featured commentary comes from an article that was published in the Daily Caller and shown some love in the blogosphere.




Feeling really musical this week, so there are some tunes to help you work out to and enjoy the show with. please give me a thumbs up on Stitcher Radio or a positive review on ITunes.


  • Black People, Black Guns and Black Politicians
  •  Cigar of the Week – CAO MX 2
  •  NovaArmament.com – Cz Pistols with Malcolm Rogers III
  •  Living The Dream – Sarah Greene
  •  Madison Rising- Star Spangled Banner
  •  Gun News- Emily Miller, The Washington Times, and Marylandshallissue.org


All Along the Watchtower- sung by Bones Hooks, written by Bob Dylan, music styled after Jimi Hendrix



 From Maryland Shall Issue.org: 

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Grants the Stay

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (CA4) has granted Maryland’s motion for a stay pending the outcome of appeal of the Woollardcase. This overrules the lower court’s order that would have lifted the stay effective August 7th and takes us back to where we stood just a few weeks prior. While this is certainly disheartening, the much bigger issue remains the appeal of the case itself. Oral arguments will be scheduled at some point between October 23-26. A ruling on the case is likely to come at some point in early 2013.



In the meantime, permit applications submitted to MSP can still be denied if you do not have a “good and substantial reason,” so please bear that in mind if you had planned on submitting an application.



CZ Pistol and Nova Armament

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