Thanks again for downloading and sharing this show.  It has over 500,000 downloads now. presents, the Black Man With A Gun Podcast and this week:

  • Jim Braaten from the answers the Question of the Week, 30.06 or 308?
  • Babbs in the Woods (Barbara Baird) from
  • Mrs. M- Fiesty Senior American Patriot
  • Shoot Don’t Shoot U Decide
  • Zombie Strike #95
  • About the Tea Party


Music by James Gould (Dark Magic) 

Bad Moon Rising by Derek Ward coming soon at

This weeks Question of the Week is sponsored by Energy From



On Sept 1Oth I will be in Chicago, IL speaking about the right to keep and bear arms on the West side.  If you are available and in the area come over.  I hear there is going to be a standing room only crowd coming.  This week is the 3rd year anniversary of Zombie Strike.  It started at a Labor Day show three years ago that the whole thing was created.

Why Zombies someone might asked.

In The Store, check out Zombie Fit, how to get your FFL 123, and American survival bible.  Along with targets, the book, that launched a thousand hits.

There is a young brother by the name of James who created some really cool head banging stuff that he let me use.  James Gould ROCKS!



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