.22 Caliber Conversion Kit for the Glock Pistol from Advantage Arms, Inc.

I didn’t intend to buy anything when I checked into Nova Armament Gun Shop, at 795 Center Street, Herndon, VA.  I was just saying high and saw the Advantage Arms, Inc. .22 Conversion kit in the showcase.  It caught my eye, like when you see a Cosmopolitan magazine in the grocery store.  I asked to see it and that was all it took.  I bought the thing in hope that it fit my Gen 3 Lone Wolf Distributor Timber Wolf frame.  I built a custom Glock 35 from Lone Wolf but was not real happy with it.  Lone Wolf Distributor is the company that makes custom slides, lowers, compensators and flash hiders that can change the look of your Glock pistol dramatically.  I wanted a 9mm but they didn’t have it right away so I accepted the .40 cal S&W.  I really like the added features on the Timber wolf frame.  It has a rounded trigger guard, a beavertail, a high grip angle and a couple of other features that makes it feel good.  I ordered a 9mm drop in barrel when one was available but needed a different extractor for it to run efficiently.  The drop in barrel wasn’t enough.  I had constant feeding issues while shooting.  I took the barrel back out and put the .40 cal. barrel back in.  I put the gun back in the safe.  I was disappointed.  A few months later I pulled it back out and bought an aluminum magazine well for it that matched the slide.  It looked better but shooting .40-caliber ammunition is expensive.  The extra recoil is not quite the punch of a .45 but snappy to where it’s not pleasurable.  Back in the safe it went.  I pulled it back out when I thought about adding a laser or white light attachment to the rails on the LWD Glock.  The Viridian Green Laser/ White light combo is slick.  It made it my bedside gun for a minute.  The Viridian light fit without a hitch, and was easy to adjust.  I was not a gadget guy until I got this laser and light combo.  I like it.  The green is cool and can be seen in daylight.


Well, now I pulled off the slide, and put on this .22 caliber replacement slide and it went on just like the instruction book said.  At first, it didn’t lock on, but that was also because I didn’t read the instructions.  After I did, I realized you have to put the muzzle on a flat surface and work the slide lock till it gets into the right position.  As soon as it “locked” into place, the smile on my face almost cut my head in two pieces.


Now I have a really cool gun to plink and practice my marksmanship with that won’t cost $50 for a box of ammo.  If you are choosing between a 40, 45 or 9, go with the 9mm.   More on that later.



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  1. Did not know they had a conversion kit, will have to look in to that.

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