Twitter screenshot of police securing the New York Times

You know what this is? Security theater. Empty gestures which will thwart not a single would-be mass murderer, not that they are meant to. This sort of thing is meant only to make people “feel” safe, and I guarantee you that these cops will be gone in two weeks, and these organizations will go back to business as usual.

They will return to the mindset of denial…the surety that everything is OK here, and that these things only happen to other people. The cops will go away until the next mass murder, and then they will be back to “prepare” for an attack that already happened, somewhere else.

You can only prepare for something that hasn’t happened yet.

But do you want to know a secret? I know the one common denominator for every single mass shooting. I’ve written before of the Four Constants of Spree Killers, but I’m revising it down to one. Of all the variables that run through these incidents there is one ironclad, inviolate constant that is present every single time.

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Regardless of the organization or location, every single mass shooting was UNEXPECTED. Because let’s be honest…if a business, school, or church REALLY expected that they would be attacked by a mass shooter, they would not have been sitting there in a “gun free zone” with no armed security, doors unlocked, open for business as usual.

The truth is that they didn’t really believe it, so none of them ever saw it coming in advance. Ever. Even if they made mouth noises about preparing for an active shooter, they were all in denial. Every. Single. Time.

The opposite of denial is acceptance. The burden of acceptance is the responsibility to act. Anything less is the irresponsible fantasy of a child. This is the real world, not the world that we wish for. You are on your own. Prepare accordingly.

#GunFreeZonesKill  #RejectDenial  #SafetyIsNotAnEmotion

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